Stature Lengthening

Limb lengthening is a procedure performed for those who are welling to be taller either for functional or cosmetic reasons. This procedure must be performed in specialized centers with experience available and specific post-surgical rehabilitation program. Limb lengthening is considered to be a long journey, and in our institute we aim to make it more comfortable and safe at the end. The whole procedure is composed of two main stages; lengthening phase and consolidation phase. Lengthening phase is the period where the bone at the osteotomy site departs away from each other by an average rate of 1 mm per day. The consolidation phase comes later where the lengthened regenerate gets stronger and it is almost 1.2 times the lengthening phase. Before the surgery, patients must be examined carefully (clinically and psychologically) and all needed x-rays and scanograms must be evaluated and calculated to perform a correct planning.