Congenital Limb Deformities

Many children are born with congenital problems or syndromes. Some of these are associated with congenital limb deformities and agenesis. These newborns must be investigated and scanned from the specialist early during the first days of life to identify the problems, make the diagnosis, and obtain the best treatment plan. Causes of congenital limb deformities and defects are numerous and most of these are of unknown reason. These include conditions that affect the baby in the uterus as it grows (include genetic abnormalities, growth restriction, and mechanical forces), exposure by the mother to chemicals or viruses while pregnant, some types of medicines, and exposure to tobacco smoke. Treatment will depend on the child’s symptoms, age, and general health. It will also depend on how severe the condition is. The overall goal for treatment is to give your child a limb that works and looks right. Treatment goals can vary for each child. They may include: - Helping your child grow and develop - Helping your child feel a sense of independence - Encouraging self-care - Improving how the limb looks - There is no standard treatment for a congenital limb defect. Treatment choices may include: Artificial limbs (prosthetics), Splints or braces (orthotics), Surgery, Rehabilitation such as physical or occupational therapy. In our center, we provide a complete care of these children, and we perform the surgeries that help those kids to achieve functional results while growing.